Hundreds of Brits claims they’ve had sex with aliens according to poll

Hundreds of people claim they have had sex with aliens, a new poll has revealed.

Growing numbers of people are reporting close encounters with little green men and women with nearly 300 in the UK claiming to have romped with an enamored extra-terrestrial.

Most of them are from Britain’s UFO hot-spot, Norwich, which recently topped a list of the nation's paranormal places.

More than a quarter of those who said they have made love to aliens came from the Norfolk city.

Frisky folk in Bristol were hot on their heels in second place, making up 23% of those who reckon to have got saucy in a saucer.

And loved-up Liverpudlians came in third place, making up 22% of the 300 reports sent in.

David Abrams, of who carried out the survey, said the findings were out of this world.

He said: “We were astonished to see how many people claim to have had intimate relations with aliens, particularly in the cities of Norwich and Bristol.

“There must be something about those spots which makes these experiences more common than in the rest of the UK.

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“Maybe they really are out there and this is their way of communicating.”

Last month, the Daily Star Sunday revealed how fed-up Abbie Bela had found love with a spaceman after not having any luck with fellas online.

The actress, who lives in east London, said she was visited by five members of an alien species who had “very tall and slender” human builds.

After “connecting” with one, she was taken to their galaxy for a 20-minute date before being returned home.

Abbie said she was still looking forward to her second date.

She told us: “It is controversial for people who haven’t considered interspecies dating. I’m willing to give it a go – I’m going to be one of the first to normalise it.”

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