‘I ripped woman’s tampon out with my teeth in a bar after she mocked my mate’

A feared motorbike gang member claims to have ripped out of a woman's tampon with his teeth at a pub but insists she loved it.

The Mongrel Mob have wreaked violent havoc across New Zealand for decades, warring against rivals Black Power over turf for pushing their organised crime.

As the biggest gang in the country, top dogs like Gary Gurbes thought they could do whatever they liked, wherever they liked just to shock horrified onlookers.

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In one harrowing anecdote Gurbes shared with TV hardman Ross Kemp, he claims to have avenged his mate in the most raucous fashion imaginable.

Gurbes says he seized an opportunity to stun punters around him when a woman began laughing at his pal.

In a disturbing account of the incident, he recalls: "She was sitting on a bar stool. He grabbed her by one leg, foot, ankle and I grabbed her by the other one. We just hoisted her up in the air.

"He dress fell down around out heads and we tipper her up on the bar. I ripped her f***ing pants out with my teeth and like I said we did things to shock people."

The story only gets grimmer and more graphic with the mention of blood and supposedly plenty of it.

Gurbes continued: "She had her period. In them days I was crazy.

"I'd do anything so I ripped her pants off with my teeth and I pulled her tampon out with my teeth and I was slapping it around my face and my young mate Dougie was licking all the blood off my face."

Some how it gets worse and any understandably appalled punters were shown in no uncertain terms where to go after trying to intervene.

"It was quite rough," Gurbes admitted. "We were pretty rough people. It was mind-blowing s***. And we ate it.

"A couple of people had a thing about it and moaned about it so I knocked them down, bashed them up, gave them a hiding."

Carnage continued to unfold as Gurbes claims the woman in question looked past his savagery and was happy to have sex with him in front of everyone.

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"I made love to her on the bar, screwing her in front of everybody," he said.

"She enjoyed it. She loved it. She was in love with me then. In them days I felt that a lot of women were into aggressive, hard men."

Following the shocking interview, a seemingly disgusted Ross Kemp turned to the camera: "I find it impossible to believe any woman would want to be treated like this but a female's position in the gang has always been subservient."

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