‘I tripped playing with kids in garden and doctors had to amputate entire leg’

A woman has had her leg amputated after falling over while playing with her kids.

Deanna Crump, a 31-year-old mother-of-two, tripped and fell while enjoying some family time with her two young boys Isaac and Jerry.

But the innocuous fall led to her dislocating her right knee, and looked as if her leg was just “hanging there”.

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Having been rushed to the hospital, Deanna, who lives in Down River, Michigan, US, found that she had fractured both bones that connects her knee to her leg.

While many ligaments were torn – she also managed to damage the arteries so badly that no “pulse” was found in the leg or food.

This led to emergency surgery – trying to get the blood flowing back into her leg – where they discovered she also had blood clots.

Deonna said: “I just tripped and looked down. I was in extreme pain and my leg was just hanging there.

“We called 911 and the ambulance came and picked me up as my husband, Jerry, 38, was at home with the kids, it wasn't like he could pack the car and take them.

“When I first got to the hospital, they were trying anything and everything they could to get the pulse back in my foot – as I still had feeling in my leg and toes.

“They said they would either have to amputate above or below the knee – they decided above the knee is what they had to amputate.”

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Deanna underwent several procedures before the leg was amuptated.

One procedure was an attempt to remove the clots, but it proved unsuccessful and she had to undergo yet another surgery.

It wasn’t until her third operation that medics were successful in repairing Deanna's arteries and she regained the pulse and blood flow in her leg and foot.

Unfortunately, there were complications and Deanna began to internally bleed.

She then had to have her fourth surgery where the doctor accidentally nipped an artery in her stomach – during which she lost so much blood she nearly died and had to undergo a blood transfusion.

This time they discovered several more blood clots and she once again lost the pulse in her leg and foot.

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Her foot and toes started "turning black" and she was told her leg was "dying" – as the blood flow stopped pumping to it and the bottom started to change colour, leading to the unfortunate amputation.

Deanna said: “I am super thankful to be alive and to be at home with my husband and kids."

Her family are now trying to raise funds to cover surgery costs and bills.

To donate, click here.

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