Independent senators push for another Lynn Beyak suspension, despite apology

Independent senators want to suspend Sen. Lynn Beyak a second time, even though she has apologized for posting derogatory letters about Indigenous Peoples on her website.

After months of digging in her heels, Beyak apologized “unreservedly” Tuesday to her fellow senators and promised to take a training course on racism towards Indigenous Peoples.

But Sen. Yuen Pau Woo, leader of the Independent Senators Group, says that’s not enough for Beyak to avoid another suspension.

He argues that it’s normal practice in professional bodies for a person to be suspended while taking remedial training, even after an apology.

Woo says members of his group, the largest caucus in the upper house, are frustrated with procedural games played Tuesday to prevent the Senate from voting on the ethics committee report that recommended Beyak be suspended once again.

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