Influencer posing as young girl could be jailed for conning paedos out of cash

An influencer who posed as a young girl to con paedophiles out of money could face up to 15 years in prison.

Ekaterina Kropaneva, 21, and her accomplices, could be sent to prison after they began extorting members of a sickening gang of paedophiles.

The group, including Kropaneva, have been accused of being members of the gang they were extorting money from, where their actions saw them lure sickening men who wanted to have sex with children.

Her actions, which were carried out when Kropaneva was 18, saw a gang of 14 people, including three women, take on the paedo ring.

Although Kropaneva was 18 at the time of her actions, two of the members of the group were just 15-years-old at the time of the con.

A man identified as Alexander K, a university graduate and the son of a police officer, has been identified as the so-called brains of the operation and the man running the disgusting paedo ring.

Kropaneva gave up working with the gang and became a popular beauty blogger and influencer, but investigators say her past has caught up with her.

Alexander Sapegin, of the Russian Investigative Committee said: "When they and their victims got engaged in a conversation, the other members of the gang became involved.

"The men created profiles on behalf of the girls, and they got acquainted with [clients] online, talked to them, including on intimate subjects. They said they were underage, and offered to meet.

"Each of the men who came for dates were met by the girls – participants of the gang, who claimed they were underage."

Male members of the gang are said to have threatened to turn their clients over to police and publish their messages online if they did not pay bribes that totalled almost £10,000.

At least £10,000 was taken from 13 individuals aged 35 to 55 including men previously convicted of rape who were seeking underage sex.

Sapegin added: "One of the victims of the extortionists appealed to the police."

A police statement confirmed the investigation, adding: "Officers identified not only the members of the criminal group, but also other victims.

"It was possible to detain all the suspects, as well as to identify and document a whole series of crimes committed by them in the city of Yekaterinburg.

"It turned out that they used both real photos of the [female gang] members but also fake one."

The case continues.

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