Influencer sisters defend Salt Bae’s £630 steaks and gush over expensive menu

Two influencer sisters have come to defend Salt Bae after customers shared the eye-watering prices for his 24-carat gold steak at his restaurant.

The Instagram-famous Turkish chef, whose real name Nusret Gökçe, became an internet sensation in 2017 for fancily sprinkling salt on his steaks in front the diners.

His Knightsbridge restaurant, Nusr-Et, has come under fire when customers revealed he charged £630 for steaks and £100 for burgers.

But TikTok stars Ellie and Daisey O'Donnell showed their support to Salt Bae and posted a video of their visit to "the best restaurant", calling his food was "something else".

The sisters visited the establishment to celebrate the launch of their O’Dolls "Fallin for You" party dresses.

In their TikTok video shows their viewers a sneak-peek inside the celebrity hangout – a massive portrait of Salt Bae himself near the entrance, an extravagant spiral staircase, a huge dining area with gold-themed decoration that oozes luxury.

Then they show Salt Bae doing his stunt at their table, flexing his muscles while sprinkling salt on the tomahawk steaks and slicing it with a long knife.

The video divided opinions as some viewers said the sisters only went there "for the pictures".

One said: "How is it the best restaurant if you all only go there for the pictures, you all ain't there for the food at all."

Another blasted: "Pretentious people showing vulgar displays of wealth."

Others joked they won't go to the restaurant because Salt Bae didn't pass the "food safety check".

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"The salt is literally rolling down his arm hairs, I guess it's extra seasoning," a viewers wrote.

But some were tempted to get served by Salt Bae, saying: "People are so pressed over a restaurant. I would love to go there!"

Chef Gökçe recently put out a job advertisement for Chef de Partie but the successful candidate will only be paid an hourly rate of £12 plus tips, which is the same price as a portion of corn on the cob or mashed potato on the restaurant’s menu.

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