Influencer ‘very happy’ after dodging three years jail over OnlyFans content

An influencer is celebrating avoiding jail in Turkey over her racy OnlyFans content.

Prosecutors pushed for model Merve Taskin to be imprisoned for between six months and three years.

It comes after the 24-year-old was accused of sharing her racy content with her 577K followers on Instagram.

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Merve had previously been handed a five-month suspended sentence back in December 2021 after posting ‘obscene’ photos, as reported by Yahoo News.

According to the publication, the photos in question featured one of the model sitting on a giant penis after a trip to Amsterdam’s Sex Museum.

The other featured the influencer seemingly naked posing behind a glass door.

During that case, Merve turned up for her hearing in Istanbul, Turkey on January 12 wearing a crotch-skimming mini dress teamed with knee-high leather high-heeled boots.

She completed the outfit with a shoulderless feathered crop top.

Taskin posted the photos on social media with the caption: "How do you like my court outfit?"

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She was acquitted on Friday (January 26) after the court ruled that the photos in question were not obscene, as none of them showed her completely naked.

Her lawyer, Feyza Altun said: "This was a very important decision.

"Because this lawsuit, which is an attack on women's clothing and lifestyle in Turkey, was concluded in our favour. I am very happy for myself."

Merve added: "I am very happy too."

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She took to Instagram to celebrate the decision, sharing photos of her latest court outfit consisting of a fluffy pink suit and a shiny blue bikini.

"Congratulations for being brave and going to court with such a confident outfit," one person responded.

In a statement shared to social media, she said she was "concerned" over efforts to slander her.

"I just live my life without hurting or interfering with anyone. Unfortunately, I was out worn out and sad for my country because of a court process that should never have happened," she said.

Under Turkish law, any person who publishes obscene material can be fined or sentenced to prison for up to three years.


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