Inside ‘horror’ festival as ‘bloodied’ revellers left on bus ‘like war hospital’

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One of Australia's biggest music festivals has been likened to the aftermath of a battlefield during war.

Splendour in the Grass, headlined this year by Liam Gallagher, Gorillaz, The Strokes and Tyler, The Creator, was supposed to be your typical music festival, full of live bands, drink and fun.

But it has been slammed by those who attended and compared to a “horror movie”, where revelers were covered in blood, mud and left “shell shocked”.

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According to a first-hand account from The Guardian's Nathan Jolly, festival goers arrived at the site to find a 15-plus-hour wait to get in, with no food or water provide at the weekend.

No staff were around to help cars park, and the campsite was “mostly underwater”.

The festival site itself was a swamp, with revellers barely able to stand or find safe space to watch their favourites, while the entire Friday lineup, featuring Gorillaz and the Avalanches, was scrapped due to the wet weather.

Around 50,000 people were left disappointed at that.

Nathan wrote: “As we walked towards the main stage areas, I passed by people on their way out.

“I saw tears. I saw blood. We looked to the Splendour socials for guidance – 'we’re all here for the love of music! Be patient, be kind and be safe'.

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“We had Gold Bar tickets, which promised some shelter from the storm for an extra $220 (£180) a pop.

“Alas, Splendour oversold these tickets – and the line to get in was more than a hundred metres long.

“When we told a security guard we had paid for access, he told us to 'line up or f**k off' – angrily yelling the final two words.

“We gave up on the Gold Bar, and it turns out we didn’t miss the Avalanches – but instead of the band, it was an avalanche of humans, slipping and falling down the steep muddy hill, that noxious mud all over their faces, in their eyes and in their mouths.”

The issues didn't end there, either.

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When festival fans left the site, the scenes were like something out of a war film – and not a good one, either.

Social media was flooded with reports of the horror sights.

One user wrote: “Our bus back to Byron was like a war hospital.

“Bloodied, muddied, shell-shocked people, sitting in silence with thousand-yard stares, shaking their heads every now and then.

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And another said: “I want to know what happened to the poor girl sitting in knee deep mud, absolutely covered head to toe in septic mud . . . trying to get out of the festival.

“Clearly out of her head.

“She will get sepsis.

“So unsafe, no duty of care – disgusting, it was a horror movie.”

An a mum tweeted: “My daughter waited for five hours for a bus at midnight, no food or water, in ankle deep mud.

“Got back at 6am!

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“Thousands waiting with her, no organizer in sight.

“She and her friends won’t go back for day three or four.”

The Daily Star has reached out to the festival organisers for a comment.

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