Inside UK’s ‘thinnest home’ that barely fits a double bed and costs just £72k

The thinnest home in the country which barely fits a double bed and costs just £72,000 has been dubbed "quaint."

Estate agents have put the "compact" property on the market and although it's tiny, it's good enough to get you on the property ladder.

The one-bedroom coastal home in Wales has got plenty of character and boasts hidden space.

For someone who doesn't mind the cramped quarters, the home is ideal due to its location.

Spread across three floors, the unusually narrow property on the Llyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, North Wales, boasts a central location in a seaside town, and is not far from gorgeous beaches and a championship golf course.

It is so tiny that it is easy to miss when passing by, and these photos show the kind of potential it has despite its small size, although it is suited to an owner with few possessions, WalesOnline reports.

Called 'Ty Ni', meaning 'Our House', the property in Stryd Y Plas, Nefyn, is close to the sea on the north coast of the peninsula.

Priced at £72,500, it barely fits a sofa or a double bed, but it could help someone get on the property ladder.

Visitors enter the tiny front garden through a little blue front gate and reach the front door in just a couple of steps.

Inside, someone with a huge reach could potentially extend their arms and touch both walls at the same time while standing in the middle.

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There is a mini-hallway before the stairs with space for a storage cupboard and a shoe rack. Open slats in the staircase allow light to enter the lounge area, where there is room for a loveseat or a small sofa.

Photos posted online by Tudor Estate Agents show a small dining table tucked towards the back wall, next to the door leading to the kitchen.

The two-seater sofa's placement defines zones – the entrance, lounging and dining.

There is plenty of period charm within the property, including exposed original stonework sections on the lounge wall.

The kitchen is at the back of the property.

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Like the rest of the property, it is compact, but light colours make it look bigger than it actually is.

There is space for new storage areas, such as shelves or a pot storage system which hangs from the ceiling.

If permitted, the new owner could knock down the internal wall to create an open-plan ground floor living space.

At the top of the staircase is a small area with a bed and a TV – the main bedroom.

A door leads to the bathroom and another staircase leads to the top level.

In the bedroom, there is room for a double bed and there are exposed wooden ceiling beams.

Perhaps surprisingly, the bathroom boasts a full size bath. The windows are set quite low to the floor.

The second flight of stairs has storage space beneath it, and it takes visitors to another room that is a bit too small to be a bedroom, although it can accommodate a single bed.

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The estate agent describes it as an attic room.

It is currently being used as a dressing room.

While it lacks size, the house is set close to plenty of amenities in the town.

It is minutes away from the beach at Nefyn and a number of other beaches, and it is two miles from the championship golf course at Morfa Nefyn.

The Italian-style village of Portmerion and historic castles are close by as well.

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