‘It’s going to take long time’ for Russia forces to recover enough to launch new invasion

Ukraine: Mark Hertling discusses Putin's appointment of Aleksandr Dvornikov

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In light of Putin’s unachieved original plan to occupy Kyiv and replace President Zelensky with a pro-Russian figure, US Lieutenant General Mark Hertling claimed that it now going to be very difficult for Russia to regenerate forces and defeat Ukraine from the east.

Speaking with CNN, Lieutenant General Mark Hertling said: “As [Russia’s] major effort was in Kyiv, it is going to be very difficult [for Russia] to reinforce the east as they would like to”.

“It remains to be seen, but I am not sure [Russian troops] are going to be able to be very successful moving forces to the east to reinforce”, continued Mr Hertling in the wake of Putin’s new plan to move his troops to the east of Ukraine.

US Lieutenant General also added: “It is very tough to regenerate forces”

“This is not a video game, those forces are in very bad shape at the moment”, claimed Mr Hertling.

The Lieutenant-General firmly reiterated: “You just can’t regenerate and say ‘we are going to send them into battle once again”.

Referring to Putin’s new invasion plan, he also added: “It is going to rake a long time if [the Kremlin] will ever be able to get those forces come back operationally again”.

Besides Russia, Mr Hertling also commented on Ukraine and its future moves in response to Putin’s new objective in the east.

“I think Ukraine has a very good chance”, said the Lieutenant General also referring to Putin’s unsuccessful plan in Kyiv which would have seen the total occupation of the capital by Russian forces, as well as President Zelensky’s replacement with a pro-Russian figure.

Despite believing that Ukraine has a good chance in the current war, he also added: “Ukraine has top issues on its plate too”.

“They now have to move forces to the east and prepare for a different kind of assault from what they saw in Kyiv and Kharkiv”, stated the US Army officer referring to the implications Putin’s new invasion plan in east Ukraine would have on Ukrainian troops.

The interview follows UN general assembly’s decision to suspend Russia from leading humanitarian rights and consequential Russia’s withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council.

The suspension, voted in favor by over 93 states, follows the acts of war crimes uncovered in Bucha and other cities of Ukraine such as Mariupol and Borodianka.

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War crimes also reported by President Zelensky at last UN Security Council meeting through a series of original images from Bucha and other cities that experienced the Russian occupation.

The suspension, defined by Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Gennady Kuzmin as “an illegitimate and politically motivated step”, lead to Russia’s immediate decision to quit the Human Rights Council.

Referring to the 93 states’ decision to suspend Russia from the UN Council, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Gennady Kuzmin also added: “The council is monopolised by one group of states who use it for their short term aims”.

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