‘It’s too late!’ Ukraine’s top diplomat rages at Germany over historic policy shift

Ukraine: Germany’s military offer is ‘too late’ says Prystaiko

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Germany announced on Saturday they would put an end to a long-standing policy under which they refused to provide Ukraine with military support. Berlin has blocked exports of lethal weapons to conflict zones since the end of World War II but reviewed its position amid growing pressure to help. But Vadym Prystaiko raged at Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his country, insisting the U-turn was just “too late” for Ukrainians fighting against Russia.

Speaking to BBC, Mr Prystaiko said: “It’d be too late.

“We asked them for so many years.

“They were not just not providing them, they were blocking support from other nations, from NATO nations. Using their right to veto decisions.

“They came to change their minds, but it’s just too late.”


Announcing the change of policy, Mr Scholz said: “The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point.

“It threatens our entire post-war order. In this situation, it is our duty to do our utmost to support Ukraine in defending itself against Vladimir Putin’s invading army.

“Germany stands closely by Ukraine’s side.”


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