Ivanka Trump feud: Why First Daughter was ‘frustrated’ by Donald Trump’s campaign

Ivanka, who is a senior adviser to the President, is currently accompanying him on a visit to India. Sharing a picture of herself outside the iconic Taj Mahal, she described it as “awe inspiring”. The White House adviser even had a picture on the same bench as Princess Diana did in 1992, echoing the heartbreaking moment Diana signalled to the public the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles.

Charles and Diana were on a royal visit to India and the Prince of Wales abandoned his wife, who was forced to go to the Taj Mahal on her own, while he went to a business meeting in Bangalore.

Diana had a picture taken of her alone and looking miserable on a bench outside the temple that took the world by storm.

Just months later, the couple announced their official separation.

Fortunately for Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner accompanied her on her visit, but was just out of shot while the pictures were taken.

However, during the 2016 presidential election the pair had to be apart far more, as Ivanka was “mostly absent from the campaign”, according to 2019 book ‘Kushner Inc’.

This is because she had just given birth to her and Jared’s third child – Theodore James, born in March 2016.

While her husband was deeply involved in the inner mechanisms of the campaign and her brothers Eric and Donald Jnr went to many small events, Ivanka was not able to do as much as she would have liked.

Mr Trump’s campaign chief, Brietbart founder Steve Bannon, sent Ivanka on day trips to suburbs in Philadelphia and towns in Florida that had large numbers of college-educated Republicans and independent women.

This is because she was viewed as “a CNN person”, in other words a moderate who would appeal to these crowds.

But other than that, she spent much less time on the campaign trail as she would have liked and this was a source of frustration for the now-First Daughter.

A source told author Vicky Ward: “She was obviously frustrated that she couldn’t do more.”

They added Ivanka and Jared’s commitment to their Jewish faith, while admirable, did cause logistical issues.

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Once a week, neither of them could be contacted for a full 24 hours during the Sabbath.

The insider said: “Every Friday night, people were calling Jared as the sun was going down….

“‘What about this, what about that?’

“And Jared was very good about going down, not being in contact, and it was frustrating for us, because if you didn’t get an answer by sundown, you were basically just in a holding pattern for 24 hours.”

Now Ivanka’s children are older – aged eight, six and three – she will likely be able to play a bigger role in the 2020 election than she did in the 2016 one.

Despite her frustrations, Ivanka has always highly valued and prioritised being a mother.

During her time in the White House as an adviser on womens’ issues, Ivanka has pushed for policies that would benefit women and families.

For example, she pushed for a measure that would fund paid family leave for federal employees.

Mr Trump will face off against the Democratic nominee later this year in his fight for a second term.

The frontrunner is currently Bernie Sanders, who lost out to Hillary Clinton to be the nominee four years ago.

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