Ivanka Trump to spark WAR urging ‘silenced’ voters to ‘fight’ in Georgia Senate election

Ivanka Trump discusses being 'competitive' like her father in 2014

The Senate run-off election takes place on January 5. In Georgia, Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are standing against Democrat rivals Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock. If the Democrat senators win, it will mean the Democrats gain control of both chambers of Congress on January 20.

Already, the party is due to gain control of the White House on January 20 when Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Appearing at a rally in the state yesterday, US President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka called the run-off election “the most important congressional race in history”.

She said, according to The Independent: “Georgia will decide whether our children will grow up under an oppressive government or whether America will remain the land of the free.

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“I think we know what Georgia’s going to decide.

“People fight the hardest for what they love the most. The reason my father is fighting so hard, the reason my father will not stop fighting is because he loves you, the American people.

“We must send David and Kelly back to the Senate to defend election integrity and protect American democracy and fight for Trump.”

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At points, Ms Trump spoke over the crowd as it began chanting ‘fight for Trump’.

She added that “far too many” people in the state feel “silenced” and that their vote had been “cancelled”.

Following the result of the US election last month, Donald Trump launched allegations of voter fraud and claimed the election had been “rigged”.

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Mr Trump also launched a series of legal challenges contesting the results, though most of these have been dropped or settled.

Ivanka Trump was not the only senior party figure to make an appearance in Georgia on Monday, however.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also addressed crowds, stressing to voters that a victory for the two Democratic candidates would allow Joe Biden to better enact policies such as increased school funding.

Speaking in the state’s city of Columbus, Ms Harris said “everything is at stake”.

According to analysts, majority control of congress would be important for Joe Biden because it would determine his policy options.

Depending on the result of the vote, the President-elect’s cabinet choices and agency appointments could also be affected.

According to the Brookings Institute think tank: “Unless one or two Republican Senators sided with unified Democrats on particular issues, a GOP Senate likely would block progressive action and force Biden more to the political middle on a whole host of matters.”

President Donald Trump himself is due to appear in Georgia on January 4, the day before the run-off election.

He said on Twitter: “As badly as we were treated in Georgia by the ‘Republican’ Governor and ‘Republican’ Secretary of State, we must have a massive victory for two great people, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, on January 5.

“I will be having a big rally for them on Monday night, January 4. Win!”

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