Jealous golden retriever goes dead weight when sibling refuses to share toy

A jealous golden retriever has left dog lovers creased up when he went dead weight on his sister while fighting over a toy.

Owner Brad Armstrong captured the hilarious moment on camera and shared it with other golden retriever owners on a Facebook page.

"Lola dragging her big brother around and he just allows it," he wrote in the popular post.

The video begins with Lola the cream-coloured pooch biting a chewing bone in her brother, Leo's snout.

While Leo resists and lies flat on all fours, Lola refuses to let go of the chewing bone and uses her strength to drag him across the floor.

At one point, she even attempts to place her limb onto her brother's head and yank him off but she holds back and carries on pulling him into a room.

Eventually the dark-coloured goldie gives up and lets Lola carrying on playing the toy.

Brad explained: "Please excuse the mess, we were in the middle of doing laundry.

"They have a rubber bone they don’t like sharing with each other.

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"I have multiple toys and they both only want to play with the one that the other is using. They’re both so jealous."

Dog lovers were left in stitches after watching Lola's defenceless brother giving up the toy at the end.

"That’s so funny. He’s like dead weight too!" one wrote and a second commented: "Cutest thing ever he gets a free belly rub."

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A third added: "My boy would do this too, my four-year-old son would be able to drag him around with his toy. He just let it be ,it was so funny.

"I always said he’s a sack of potatoes! Something special about this breed that’s for sure."

"Are they trying to share a ball? I can’t tell but she’s doing great dragging her brother!" a fourth praised.

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