Joe Biden is ‘nowhere to be seen’ as Ukraine struggling from ‘leadership vaccum’

Ukraine: Global leaders 'need more coordination' says Ellwood

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Conservative politician Tobias Ellwood called for better leadership in the West as Ukraine needs proper support from Western leaders. Mr Ellwood claimed that US President Joe Biden had been nowhere to be seen. The Conservative politician encouraged nudging Governments across Europe to do more. Mr Ellwood warned that the UK Government needed to increase spending on defence as the threat will loom for the next decade.

Mr Christys said: “But I mean are we just covering for French and German weakness here.

“I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the lack of action from our European so-called friends.”

Mr Ellwood told GB News: “Again as we’re learning… Don’t forget we were discussing whether to send off offensive, defensive weapons.

“We’re moving on from that, you know people like myself and yourself as well have been nudging Governments across Europe to do more.

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“It needs more coordination there isn’t an international leader right now.

“There’s no Churchillian figure that’s actually drawing all together with the countries from across Europe.

“The leader of the Western world is nowhere to be seen really on this front.

“I’m pleased to see the Americans are now putting more money in, there’s no doubt about that.

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“But there’s a vacuum for leadership and I hope that Britain will take that, I would make the point though if I may that this tempo of activity is not sustainable.

“This conflict is now going on, you know moving up to over two months, it’s taking a toll on our armed forces.

“Increased operational commitments it’s depleting our weapons systems as well.

“My colleagues, you know I plead to my Parliamentary friends please recognise we will need to increase defence spending if we are to actually tackle the challenging security threats.

“They’re going to dominate this next decade.”

It is a privilege to be able to travel to Ukraine and meet President Zelenskyy in person in Kyiv today.

Ukraine has defied the odds and pushed back Russian forces from the gates of Kyiv, achieving the greatest feat of arms of the 21st century.

“It is because of President Zelenskyy’s resolute leadership and the invincible heroism and courage of the Ukrainian people that Putin’s monstrous aims are being thwarted.

“I made clear today that the United Kingdom stands unwaveringly with them in this ongoing fight, and we are in it for the long run.

“We are stepping up our own military and economic support and convening a global alliance to bring this tragedy to an end, and ensure Ukraine survives and thrives as a free and sovereign nation.”

Ms Truss added:  “Access to the global economy must depend on playing by the rules. There can be no more free passes.

“We are showing this with the Russia-Ukraine conflict – Russia’s pass has been rescinded.

“The G7 should act as an economic NATO, collectively defending our prosperity.

“If the economy of a partner is being targeted by an aggressive regime we should act to support them. All for one and one for all.”

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