Kate Middleton’s Christmas outfit blunder – ‘I really shouldn’t have worn this’

Kate Middleton admitted she made a mistake with her outfit choice at a royal church service, telling a fan she “really shouldn’t have worn” her coat and hat combo.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the royals for the event – which was cancelled last year due to lockdown – as they charmed crowds and met the public.

But it didn’t all go smoothly for the Duchess of Cambridge, who regretted wearing her heavy grey Catherine Walker coat, green hat, bag and heels.

Speaking to 19-year-old fan Rachel Anvil, she said it was the wrong choice for the weather, reports The Mirror.

Rachel's mum told the Metro: "Kate was talking to my daughter about clothes and how she was feeling too hot, she said 'I really shouldn’t have worn this'.

"I’m there talking to Charlotte about dolls and my daughter’s talking about fashion with Kate.

"It wasn’t fake it was a genuine discussion, it was about a minute but it was tailored to my daughter, it was like speaking to a friend. They are totally different with the public."

Kate stuck with tradition by tailoring all the family’s outfits in a colour coordinated fashion, with her green accessories matching Charlotte’s smart coat.

The young princess met the public at the event, and chatted to fans by her mum’s side.

One well-wisher, Gemma Clark, who has cerebral palsy, spoke to her in a wheelchair while holding a toy flamingo.

The 39-year-old had travelled from Lincolnshire to meet the Windsors and give Kate some roses and Charlotte the inflatable pink animal.

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“She said 'Thank you'," Gemma recalled, adding that the flamingo was called Felicity. “But Charlotte may call it whatever she likes now.”

“It was amazing. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I’ve never seen the Royal Family before."

She added that George and Charlotte were “brilliant”, and said: “This is my first time at Sandringham and I would love to do it again.”

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