KFC customers enraged after workers recorded ‘licking chicken’ for TikTok video

Online fans of fast food chain KFC have been left horror-struck after watching a video appearing to show employees licking pieces of chicken.

With almost half a million views on the TikTok video, which is understood to have originated in Australia, sees workers mucking about with the food – but they claim it was at closing time.

The caption of the video implies that the incident happened after hours. If true, this would seem to indicate that the food in question wasn’t destined for commercial consumption.

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According to 7 News, the video starts with a tray of the Colonel’s iconic fried chicken being taken out of an oven, before various pieces are picked up with their hands by staff, who are seen liking and biting them.

With “POV closing time” plastered across the screen, the workers push their faces into handfuls of the deep-fried meat.

Internet users have since expressed that they are now worried food they may have bought in the past could have been tampered with.

Some have described the action as ‘feral’ with one commenting: “Is this what you were doing when I waited an hour for my food?”

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Another added: “This is truly disgusting, even if you’re throwing it out".

One said they were “sending this to head office” as they pledged to make senior employees aware of the unruly behaviour taking place behind the counter.

The video also shows them scooping handfuls of lettuce and pouring waterfalls of chips out, the Mirror reports.

While it is not confirmed who the workers are, they do appear to be in a commercial kitchen, but they do seem to be enjoying themselves.

A young woman can be seen laughing with her face over a tray of chicken and food can be seen being thrown around the room.

The Daily Star has contacted KFC International for comment regarding the video.

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