Killer big cat sighting prompts police investigation

Shocking moment bengal tigers MAUL white tiger at zoo

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Fears that a white tiger has escaped a home in Gibraltar have prompted a police search for the animal. The big cat was filmed eerily treading through the shrubbery on the side of a forest.

The film sparked concern the big cat could wreak havoc in the local area.

Fully grown white tigers are capable of reaching a top speed of around 60 miles per hour and are considered to be the second largest species of tiger in the world.

Some people have suggested the cat spotted in the video may be just a domestic pet caught on camera due to its small size. 

But Miguel Alconchel, Mayor of Los Barrios, where the cat was spotted, has said the sighting is not a hoax.

Mr Alconchel suggested the beast could even be a lost exotic pet that has escaped its home.

Authorities have launched an investigation into the evidence that the potentially dangerous beast is roaming free in the narrow peninsula.

The video was first posted on the GBC News YouTube channel yesterday.

The Guardia Civil has deployed a team to track down the cat, the Daily Star reported.

But the sighting has reportedly obtained mockery, with people suggesting there’s no way it could be a real white tiger. 

Bengal tigers are capable of reaching a mass of between 200 to 260 kilograms and a length of over three metres.

The GBC News video was published on Facebook, where it has garnered attention in a group called Angry People in Local Newspapers.

Over 40 people commented on the post, with many people suggesting the animal was a common pet.

One person said: “I’ve never seen a photo that’s more clearly, definitively of a cat.”

Another person said: “Ah yes, must be one of those 12 inch white Bengal tigers”.

But white tigers have the potential to be life-threatening, even as little cubs.

Back in 2017, a group of white tiger cubs mauled their keeper to death in a zoo in Bangalore, India.

Similarly, a year later another zoo keeper was killed by a white tiger in Japan. A police officer said at the time that the man was “found collapsed in a cage, bleeding”.

And in Britain, a zookeeper called Rosa King was killed after a tiger entered the enclosure where she worked at Hamerton Zoo Park.

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