Kim Jong-un plans to develop world’s ‘most powerful’ nuclear weapons stock

Kim Jong-un said a new intercontinental ballistic missile, which he dubbed the "world’s most powerful strategic weapon" has been developed.

North Korea's Supreme Leader said he is planning to build up the "most powerful" nuclear weapons force in the world, the Daily Mirror reports.

According to KNCA news agency, the nation's state news agency, Kim called his personnel "mighty" and made clear in a statement what his plans are for North Korea's nuclear future.

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Kim said: "Our relentless work to build nuclear forces to firmly defend the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people by hundreds of millions of units is the greatest and most important revolutionary cause, and its final goal is to seize the world's strongest strategic force, absolute power unprecedented in the century."

Kim's went on to eerily claim that "trustworthy leading cadres and scientists in the field of defence science research" had developed the "world’s most powerful strategic weapon".

This weapon is a new intercontinental ballistic missile named "Hwaseongpo".

He continued: "By successfully developing and completing the development of nuclear weapons and making a remarkable leap forward in the development of nuclear weapons.

"The country's firm determination and decisive execution power toward the goal of the world's most powerful military, enormous potential and confident victory are shown to the world without fail."

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Alongside Kim's grand claims on the growing power of North Korea's nuclear influence, images of Kim taking his daughter to a meeting with missile scientists were all over social media.

Kim even called his 10-year-old daughter named Ju Ae, his 'most beloved' child which sparked conversations on whether that admission could mean she could one day become her father's successor.

It was the first time the young girl had been pictured.


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