Kim Jong-un spotted with mystery daughter as she holds hands at missile launch

The elusive and mysterious daughter of North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un was seen at a missile launch in her 'first official appearance with her father'.

Propaganda pictures from the historic moment showcased the pair at a missile launch, with the despot also joined by his wife, Ri Sol-ju.

Although official reports make no mention of her, it is clear that the dictator's only daughter, Kim Ju-ae, was present at the event also with the rest of her family.

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An expert on the North Korean elite has said there is "no chance in hell" that the woman he holds hands with is anyone but his daughter.

Expert Michael Madden said: "It is implicit in the photos that this is his daughter. There is no chance in hell he is tooling around a WMD site with random girl.

Madden, who also runs a North Korea Leadership Watch website, has also claimed that the North Korean despot was sending a message with his string of family missile photos.

He added: "The nuclear weapons programme and Kim Jong-un’s accomplishments around them is a family legacy for whomever his successor is.

"So, what we are seeing, is Kim telecasting that fourth-generation hereditary succession is highly likely to happen."

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Madden, who has not yet made photo comparisons of the new releases to that of previously existing propaganda, continued: "This is intended to communicate it to the wider North Korean elite as well as to foreign governments."

He warned also that the newly released photos were a sign that conflict was brewing among the ruling class, adding: "So an event like this is intended to stop those plans in their tracks.

"And I would posit that bringing out the daughter would be the final phase of that effort.

"“It represents a degree of comfort on Kim Jong-un’s part to bring his daughter to an event and have her photograph appear in real time in North Korean state media."

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