Kim Jong-un weight loss sparks health fears after North Korea dictator reappears

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Kim Jong-un's apparent weight loss has sparked concerns over his health after the North Korean dictator made a rare appearance.

He had not been seen in public for a month before making an appearance at a politburo meeting on Saturday looking noticeably slimmer.

North Korean news site NK News published enlarged images suggesting that Kim, who is believed to be 37, had tightened the strap on his favourite watch.

It is unknown whether Kim's apparent weight loss is down to a health issue or because of a concerted effort to fight the flab.

The dictator's heavy frame has drawn global interest since he became the country's leader almost a decade ago.

He is believed to enjoy a decadent diet while much of the rest of the country starves.

Pictures of Kim looking noticeably trimmer were released by state media. The images appear to show that his left wrist is considerably thinner than in similar images taken in November 2020 and march this year.

Kim is a heavy smoker like his dad Kim Jong-il, who died of a heart attack on December 2011.

The dictator is thought to enjoy the finer things in life with his weight gain said to be fuelled by his obsession with Swiss cheese.

One analyst told NK News that Kim may have decided to lose weight to improve his standing at home.

The country is battling catastrophic food shortages and an economic crisis triggered by a dramatic fall in trade with China during the coronavirus pandemic.

It has also been exacerbated by natural disaster and international sanctions impose on the region in response to the reclusive state's nuclear weapons programme.

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