Last moments of crashed Nepal plane’s flight on ‘world’s most dangerous route’

Fresh details have emerged of the final moments of the tragic Tara Air Twin Otter airplane that crashed with 22 people on board over mountains in Nepal earlier today (May 29).

The small flight was heading from Pokhara to Jomsom, a perilous route known for being “the world’s most dangerous airport” with its tough flying conditions and steep mountain range.

Nepal is home to more than half of the world’s 14 highest mountains and is notorious for grim flying conditions which can see weather suddenly become hostile.

Landing ranges in the area are amongst some of the most difficult ever made and surrounded by snow-topped peaks and tight turns.

A flight tracker shows the aircraft along its journey through the treacherous terrain before it stopped tracking in mid-air.

The aircraft went missing at 9:55am local time after it was diverted to Dhaulagiri mountain range.

It is known for being one of the world’s steepest peaks and is the seventh biggest on Earth, reaching higher than a staggering 8,000 metres.

The plane lost contact with its controllers only five minutes before it was scheduled to land at tourist and pilgrim hotspot Jomsom.

Authorities have since raced out in helicopters to the scene after witnesses reported "an unusual sound" that could have been a "bang", local cop Ram Kumar Dani told news agency ANI.

But bad weather has stopped rescuers from delving into the deadly conditions and the suspected wreckage has not yet been found.

The perilous route along which the Tara Air flight is thought to have come to a deadly end has had several crashes before, including 51 deaths in 2018 and another three the year after when a plane veered off the runway.

Although Nepal’s aviation industry has enjoyed a boom in recent years, it is known for being unsafe and carries out journeys to remote mountainous areas with limited road access.

Insufficient safety and maintenance mean all Nepali airlines are banned from flying over countries in the European Union.

Devastated family members of people onboard the fateful flight have gathered at the airport to await more information on the tragedy.

According to a New York Times journalist, the pilot’s name was Utsav Pokhrel, an “outstanding” man who worked hard to train to fly.

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