Leader of Gypsy family dies three years after getting kicked out of New Zealand

The leader of a notorious English Gypsy family that were booted from New Zealand after causing mayhem on a holiday has died aged just 29.

James Anthony Nolan and his family made headlines worldwide during a trip to the island country after they were labelled "worse than pigs" by a city mayor for alleged littering and other undesirable behaviour.

Nolan's family is now in mourning, as relatives in the United Kingdom posted tributes on social media after his death.

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Nolan's sister-in-law Lulu paid tribute to her "lovely big brother" on Facebook.

"My big lovely brother Jimmy Nolan as much as we always had argument been there all my life loved him like a big brother best daddy to his big lovely children and best husband to my sister," she wrote.

Details of his cause of death are as yet publicly unknown, but family revealed he was laid to rest this week after passing away earlier this month.

One friend wrote online: "Very sad rest in peace Jimmy Nolan nice fella you were please keep his family in your prayers."

While another said: "Rest in peace Jimmy Nolan hard to believe".

His family became known as the "unruly tourists" during an extended holiday in New Zealand in 2019, where they were accused of littering beauty spots and even putting ants and hairs in food to avoid paying at a cafe.

The family had allegedly claimed to be Irish, but were found out to be from England. However, many Gypsy families have their roots in Ireland and claim to be from there.

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The Mayor of Auckland even branded them "worse than pigs" while a petition was set up to have them kicked out of the country.

They also allegedly damaged the apartment they stayed at and even stole a journalist's phone, according to reports.

After their alleged antics in New Zealand, Nolan and four others were slapped with 28-day deportation liability notices before they returned to the UK.


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