Locals fume as popular seaside town votes to allow nudists on every beach

Locals in a popular seaside town have blasted their local council after they voted to allow nudists to swarm their local beaches.

José María González, mayor of the Spanish city of Cadiz in Andalusia, has divided opinion after he voted to scrap the law that allowed police to stop nude beachgoers.

The change means that nudism will be allowed on every beach in the area — leading some to express concern that they may enter areas where young children are around.

Carmen Sánchez, spokeswoman for the Popular Party, said the proposed free-for-all could lead to problems for local people as "the beaches are inside the city" and advised that "what is naturism in one place is exhibitionism 15 metres further on”.

Ester Canero, president of the Cadiz Association of Large Families, meanwhile said: “Of course, we live in a free country.

“Very free, as we can see. But there are things I do not support and cannot agree with."

Other residents complained that the Council was too focused on attracting naked tourists rather than other pressing issues such as a lack of parking, reports Express.co.uk.

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But under-fire mayor González has hit back by ridiculing some of his critics, saying in a post on Instagram: “Yes, that’s right, we want to impose total nudism on the beaches of Cadiz, and we are also going to force you to go out in a flamenco dress on Sundays, to wear a cardigan for the cold on winter nights, and we will prohibit foreigners from wearing socks under their sandals.”

“It’s all part of our evil plan to take over the world.”

Other parts of Spain, such as the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and the Costa del Sol, have naturist beaches.

Official guidance says tourists should care not to break any rules about public nudity once they are off the beach.

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