Lottery winner calls to claim £1,000 scratchcard to find out she’s won £300,000

A woman who rang up the National Lottery to claim £1,000 she thought she won from a scratchcard found she had actually scooped the £300,000 jackpot.

Sandra Devine from Renfrewshire in Scotland thought she had won £1,000, and was advised by the Post Office to call up the National Lottery to claim her prize as they could not pay it out.

But when 37-year-old Sandra rang up Camelot, who operate the Lottery, she received some surprising news that her scratchcard scoop was much bigger than she thought.

Speaking to LADbible, she said: "When the lady from Camelot said: 'Are you sitting down? You've won the jackpot of £300,000,' I just couldn't believe it.

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"I couldn't speak while my husband and youngest son were jumping around the living room.

"None of us noticed the two squares we missed until we were told we won the jackpot, and the lady said: 'Can you see you've won it?' and when we looked we noticed we missed a few Cs."

Sandra had been planning to celebrate her husband Martin's birthday at a restaurant, but it was fully booked so instead the pair decided to have a few beers and get some scratchcards.

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The pair were initially excited to discover they appeared to have won £1,000 on one of their cards, but were left shocked and delighted to discover their winnings were much bigger than they thought.

Now, Sandra has said that the win has changed her life and that of her family, revealing that they have since bought a car with the winnings, and are now hoping to purchase a bigger house.

But despite the excitement, Sandra insists that the win hasn't changed them, adding that "we remain the same people we were before".

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