Luckiest lottery area in the UK named as Galashiels

It is a dream of so many of us to win the lottery.

People often talk with their friends and family about what they would do with the money should they be the lucky ones fortunate enough to win the grand prize. Winning the grand prize is many people's idea of happiness and the answer to all ills.

As the old adage goes: "Money may not buy you happiness, but I've never seen anyone unhappy on a jet ski."

Tonight's EuroMillions draw is at an incredible £184 million. If a Brit is the lucky winner, it will be the biggest lottery prize doled out to any British winner in history.

That's enough to buy more than a few Bugatti Veyron's, or at least half of the the next round of pints at a London pub.

So which areas are the luckiest?

The luckiest lottery postcodes

The Camelot group run the UK's National Lottery and they revealed which postcodes are the most fortunate.

Scottish Border town Galashiels has a population of just 12,600, but has still seen the most winners of prizes over £50,000.

Second is the ton of Romford in Essex. Third is Cleveland in the north east, followed by the Cheshire town of Warrington.

Rounding out the top five is Sunderland.

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As for the rest of the top 10, Medway in Kent is there in the sixth spot. Seventh is Newcastle, before Wales' first appearance on the list, at number eight, comes in the form of the town of Newport.

Liverpool is ninth and Scotland's second appearance, Dundee, completes the top 10.

Can the area where you live help you to win the lottery?

Well, no. It really is just down to luck.

It has no bearing on the outcome whatsoever, unless your local council gives you a council tax reduction in the form of several lottery ticket entries, which we're sure they can't do.

It is merely a coincidence that people from particular areas in the UK have more winners than other, despite perhaps having smaller populations sizes.

The winners of the UK's biggest ever jackpot was Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Ayrshire winning over £163 million in 2011.

"All our lives we have lived within our means and been comfortable. We appreciate that this money brings about a whole new life for us and our family.

"We now have so many new opportunities to explore but we won't rush it. For us, it will be a gradual change with choices to be made."

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