Lucky lottery winner bags £84k off scratch card from Christmas stocking

A pair of lucky lottery winners bagged themselves a hefty sum of £84,000 after scratching off the impressive windfall on a Christmas stocking stuffer.

The Maryland, United States-based couple had made the choice to put lottery scratch-off tickets into the stockings of their family, and have since won a massive cash prize.

But the Harford County residents may not have been expecting themselves to have bagged the £84,000 ($100,000) in their Christmas stockings.

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It comes as the pair were keen to continue their tradition of sticking a bet on a $5 Ravens X5 scratch-off, as the couple are big fans of NFL team the Baltimore Ravens.

As it turned out though, their tradition that saw them gamble away a couple of quid every Christmas paid off with quite the big win for the couple.

The husband, who has not been named, said: "I've been playing this game for about 15 years, since the beginning. My wife and I were kind of in shock."

They have since revealed what they are going to do with their prize money, which they bagged after realising one of their Christmas morning tickets was a top prize winner.

Said top prize is valued at £84,000 ($100,000).

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That money appears to have already been reserved for college funds for the couple's two young children, with the massive win going toward the future of the family, UPI reported.

It would appear a number of winning tickets are still available, with a scratch-off website listing a total of 740,163 tickets still in circulation.

Their lottery win at least did not depend on spirits from beyond the grave, as one winner allegedly did, as reported by Daily Star.

While a bloke may have bagged himself a respectable £33k on a lottery ticket, he claims a psychic told him to purchase the ticket as his dad, from beyond the grave, told him to.

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