Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B ‘knows what happened to her’, his ex claims

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Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B reportedly knows what happened to the toddler, his ex has claimed.

The German was declared an official suspect, or arguido, by the Portuguese authorities on Friday (April 22), less than two weeks ahead of the 15th anniversary of the disappearance – in a move that is believed to be linked to the country's 15-year statute of limitations.

Anastasia Meckesy, 34, met the jailed rapist at a kiosk-style café he ran in Braunschweig, Germany, back in 2013 before they started a romantic relationship.

But she claims it quickly turned dark and he made her his "sex slave".

She told The Sun: “I wasn’t in love with Christian. I just wanted to have fun. And we really did have fun. I was young and wanted to try everything.

“At some point he dragged me to a swingers club. It was fun at first, but it soon stopped being fun.

“I had to dress up like a schoolgirl. But Christian didn’t pay any attention to how I felt. When I complained about going there he got aggressive."

The 34-year-old said she felt that Christian B "hated women".

She quipped: “Christian is a human pig. That’s how you should see him today. Today I know what he’s accused of.”

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Anastasia claimed that her ex-lover told her that he knew what happened to Maddie who went missing on May 3 2007.

She explained: “He said that he ‘knows what happened to little Maddie from England’.

“He said she was ‘probably handed over’ to someone after being taken and, if she were still alive today, they would have found her by now’.

“We had spoken about the case because the local police wanted to question him. He was nervous and seemed stressed.

“He didn’t say much about it — just, ‘I lived in Portugal at that time in the Algarve and everyone is suspicious’.”

Madeleine's parents, Gerry and Kate McCann welcomed Christian B's new status as an official suspect but said they still hold out hope she will be found alive.

They said in a statement: “This reflects progress in the investigation conducted by the Portuguese, German, and British authorities.

“Even though the possibility may be slim, we have not given up hope that Madeleine is still alive and we will be reunited with her.”

Christian B denies having anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

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