Maggot-riddled kebab hidden in room’s microwave ruins family trip to Pontin’s

A family on a trip to Pontin's were horrified to find 'thousands of maggots' in a rotting kebab inside their chalet's microwave.

The holidaymakers reportedly detected a 'funny smell' when they arrived on their trip last week.

However it wasn't until the following morning that they found the source of the stench – a maggot-ridden kebab in the microwave.

The mother took to social media to share her disgust on a post that has now garnered over 150 comments, North Wales Live reports.

She said: "Arrived Friday 6.45pm. Thought room was OK state. Funny smell which I thought was drain as was near sink area.

"Woke up to an invasion in morning as someone before us left kebab in microwave. We moved the microwave to find thousands of maggots underneath. Husband cleaned all and removed microwave out of the room."

Many of the reactions to the family's experience have been sympathetic.

One said: "Wow that is actually vile."

Another added: "How this place is still open I don't know. Thought it was bad enough having a dirty sanitary towel under the sofa bed left by previous guests when we went…along with cleaning sh** off the toilet seat , getting hair out the plug…bathroom ceiling coming through from a leak, to mention a few.

"But people still defend the place as if their life depends on it."

However, some felt the need to speak out in defence of Pontins.

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One wrote: "It was an oversight… Everyone makes mistakes Previous guests should've chucked it anyway."

Another said: "You get what you pay for."

A third commented: "I went to Pontins all the time when I was little, it was my favourite place ever and I took my daughter once almost six years ago, and luckily we didn't have a dirty chalet but there were a few things I wasn't happy with.

"I've been waiting patiently hoping they get themselves together because I want more than anything my children to have the fun I did, but no way am I taking them while it's like this."

However, one user said: "It's ridiculous, a microwave should be cleaned between guests so should not have been missed. I can't believe the comments: 'it's been missed', 'clean it yourself', 'what do you expect for the price', 'people expect 5*', it's the same stupid comments time and time again to defend the filth.

"A chalet with maggots in is just vile and there is nothing that can be said to excuse it."

Daily Star have contacted Pontins for comment.

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