Man boldly has poo outside Oxford Street Marks & Spencer in disgusting footage

A horrifying video shows a man have a poo outside a Marks and Spencer before wiping his bum and walking off without a care in the world.

In the grim clip, recorded metres from the doors of the M&S Foodhall in London's Oxford Street on May 1, a man is squatting with his trousers around his knees.

He then wipes his backside with tissues which he drops onto the pavement.

Seemingly completely unconcerned, he takes his time putting his trousers back on and fastening them, then he picks up his bags and walks off.

In the background, witnesses sound shocked by his vile act while other people try to walk past and pretend it is not happening.

A man says: "This guy has just s*** on the floor."

"That’s disgusting," remarks a woman.

Whoever is filming then walks across the road to zoom in on the pile of excrement the man left on the ground for someone else to clean up.

The gross clip was uploaded onto Twitter by a witness who said the man had "serious balls" to perform the disgusting act in public.

In the caption, he wrote: "So on Oxford Street today, a man decided he’d take a big s*** on the floor and just leave it there… no f***s given.

"Serious balls on the man. I have no words."

The video has since been watched hundreds of times and people said it was appalling behaviour.

One viewer commented: "I saw this!!! Disgusting."

A second wrote: "Lock the c*** up …… danger to kids and women everywhere."

This comes after a man appeared to deliberately poo into his own hands in public before smearing it all over a pub in a vile act of vandalism.

Meanwhile, the lack of toilets during the coronavirus pandemic led to complaints of people pooing and weeing in people's gardens and at public beaches and parks.

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