Man farted in police officer’s face after being nabbed for shoplifting beer

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A serial shoplifter who let one rip in a copper's face after he was caught shoplifting has been jailed for close to three years.

Matthew Hapgood, 41, had made off with £33-worth of beer and cider from a Tesco and vape products from a garage.

When police arrested the gassy bandit, Hapgood "broke wind in the officer’s face during the course of that arrest", the Oxford Crown Court heard.

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Hapgood pleaded guilty to robbery, shoplifting, possession of a bladed article and criminal damage at Oxford Crown Court, and was sentenced to 34 months on Friday, August 26.

Judge Ian Pringle QC said: “You have a lengthy history, no less than 31 previous convictions for 83 offences, all really to do with a drug or alcohol addiction which has been with you for most of your adult life.''

Hapgood's lawyer, Ronan McCann, said his client’s problems were linked to a "long term addiction in relation to substances".

Naturally, people on social media have dined out on the news.

In a Facebook thread regarding the story, one user commented: "Assault with a deadly weapon?", while another wrote: "It must have been really windy that day, Hope no one lit a match, there might have been a gas explosion!"

A third user stated: " Sometime you gotta use every weapon in your arsenal. I see he brought out the big guns for this here operations", while a fourth wrote: "Could have been an accident, you can't hold what you haven't got in your hand."

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Surprisingly, it's not the first time a criminal low life has shot a bunny in an officer's face.

The Sun reports that in 2019, a thug was arrested at the scene of a car crash in Aberdeen, after smelling weed coming from his car.

Stuart Cook was then taken to the local police station where he became increasingly irate during a strip search.

When he was told to bend over, Cook “deliberately farted in the direction of the officer three times" and asked "how do you like that?".

Subsequently Cook pleaded guilty to "behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting and screaming aggressively, displaying aggressive body language and making a lewd remark towards police".

He also pleaded guilty to “intentionally flatulating in the direction of police".


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