Man fined after strapping huge carpet to windscreen and ‘almost causing pile up’

A bloke has been fined after he appeared to staple a huge carpet to the windscreen of a small car and almost caused a 'pile up'.

Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team posted a photo of the offending car, which had a huge carpet lying over the top of it, obstructing the windscreen.

Police were quite critical of the car, posting to Twitter both an image of the vehicle, marking their Plympton-based finding with "#unbelievable".

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Plenty of social media users were outraged at the rather poor driving choice, with one user saying that police had "probably prevented an accident" by issuing a ticket.

One user wrote: "Are people thick, or just arrogant enough to think they can get away with stupidity like this? Great stop. Probably prevented an accident."

Another disgruntled social media user said: "Some people shouldn't be driving. How the hell did they think that was safe."

A third jokingly said: "That's just utter stupidity! At least you stopped them before they had pile up…"

Despite a series of jokes from those quote-tweeting and replying to the post from Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team, the social media post did draw a rather stern warning from the police.

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They wrote: "Fortunately this vehicle was stopped before joining the A38 at Deep Lane in Plympton. The obstructed view as well as the bungee cords clearly wasn't a substantial method of securing the carpet.

"Driver issued a ticket. #Unbelievable."

The post was, evidently, "#Unbelievable", with the car looking comical as a lengthy bit of carpet was draped over the roof, snaking down the back and front windscreens and obstructing the boot of the car.

Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team received nearly 200 likes and a handful of replies for their find, which one user said showed the car owner was "pulling the rug from underneath us."

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