Man killed when bull flips him into air in horror video from Spanish festival

A video shows the sickening moment a man is fatally wounded by a bull that throws him into the air during a festival in a Spanish town.

The unnamed 56-year-old man was attacked by the animal during the running of the bulls in Puerto Serrano in the province of Cadiz on New Year's Day (January 1).

In the clip, people are screaming as the bull charges around the narrow street and, while some try to taunt the animal with red sheets, others run to get out of the way.

The man is filming the spectacle on his phone while standing next to a barrier and a tree and doesn't seem aware of the danger as the bull canters towards him.

Seconds later, the bull flips the man into the air and he lands on the pavement with a hard thud, cracking his skull.

As he lies on the ground, someone rushes over to check on him and the bull charges off down the street.

He was reportedly still conscious when he was taken to the Hospital Comarcal Virgen de las Montanas in the nearby town of Villamartin.

Given his serious condition, he was then transferred to another hospital where he died just hours later from the head injury.

Toro del Aguardiente has been celebrated in Puerto Serrano New Year's Day since the 19th century.

As part of the festivities, several bulls are released through one of the town's main streets, the Calle de la Feria, and locals and tourists run ahead of the animals as they charge down the road.

Bull runnings are commonplace in Spain, Portugal, southern France, and Mexico.

The most famous one takes place during the annual festival of San Fermin in the Spanish city of Pamplona.

Animal rights activists oppose bull runnings, arguing they are cruel and mentally stress the bulls.

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