Man pulls out own tooth with pliers after months waiting for dentist appointment

A man was forced to pull his own tooth out with a pair of pliers during lockdown because he couldn't find an NHS dentist.

Matthew Simpson, 45, said he has battled through 12 months of lockdown with painful teeth, failing to find a dentist that will take him on at every turn.

The full time carer for his wife said he was even forced to pull out a molar after half his tooth fell out.

He said he went into his bathroom at his Hull home, closed his eyes, and "just yanked it and it just came straight out."

Mr Simpson said the experience was "over within seconds" and miraculously, didn't feel any pain.

He told Hull Live: "When I was going into town I felt half the tooth come out in my mouth then when I came back it was a bit loose so I just got a pair of pliers, closed my eyes and just yanked it and it just came straight out.

"It was over within seconds, I didn’t feel any pain. I still have half a tooth there that needs removing and then there’s a filling next to it which has fallen out."

The 45-year-old puts his bad teeth down to "general wear and tear" because he is a type 2 diabetic.

He said: "I’m in a little pain where my little chipped tooth is, if I eat on that side it irritates the gum so I try not to eat on that side but then I’ve got big holes on the other side so it is a no win situation at the moment.

"This is why I am trying to get into the dentist to get all this repaired but all they are doing is dragging it out – by the time I do go in there is going to be months of work to be done on my teeth."

Mr Simpson is still searching for an NHS dentist despite saying he can afford to go private if he really needs to.

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The carer even claims an NHS dentist told him the service wouldn't be accepting new patients until September or October 2021.

He said: "I don't mind waiting a month or two for my treatment but I think it’s ridiculous that it is September, October time before you sign up.

“I don’t understand, I have noticed that dentists and doctors are all using this Covid as an excuse.

"You can’t get in to see a doctor, you get fobbed off. You can’t get in to see a dentist – they are using Covid as an excuse and to me it’s just an excuse.

"Things are getting back to normal now the numbers are coming down in Hull – I don’t understand why they can’t start taking on NHS patients."

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