Man still in hospital after plane crash in North Canterbury

Two men involved in a light plane crash in North Canterbury are expected to make a full recovery.

Both men were admitted to Christchurch Hospital yesterday when their aircraft nose-dived in a paddock in Glentui shortly before lunchtime.

A Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club spokesperson said one of the men is due to released today – while the other is having an operation.

However, he is expected to be released within a few days.

A St John spokesman said one person suffered serious injuries and another, moderate injuries in the crash.

A Civil Aviation Authority investigator is heading back to the site of the crash today.

Police at the scene said the two men had a lucky escape.

“The reason for the crash is unknown at this stage but it appears they have been flying at low level and have clipped powerlines and ended up crashing in a farm paddock,” said acting Senior Sergeant Rob Irvine.

“They are very lucky,” Irvine said.

“From what we can see here, but luckily it looks like a low-speed crash at low-level.”

Ambulance, fire, and police all attended the scene.

MainPower, the local lines company, was also at the scene.

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