Man tries to train ‘idiot’ dog what a knock is and it backfires in the best way

An "idiot" dog has left the internet in stitches of laughter with her total failure to understand how sound works.

In a video uploaded on Reddit by a man posting as u/Lavidius on Tuesday (December 7) he shows himself training his pooch that "not every knock is a visitor".

He holds up his fist and tells the dog: "Right, look, this is my hand."

When he sees the dog is watching intently, he moves his hand over his desk and says: "This is the desk."

The dog, called Poppy, sniffs the desk and continues to watch him as she absorbs the important lesson.

He then instructs the pooch to "sit down" and "watch" and then raps his knuckles against the desk to make a knocking sound.

Unfortunately, his patient demonstration completely backfires and his dog runs in the opposite direction and starts barking at the door.

In disbelief at his pooch's level of stupidity, he says: "Idiot… Poppy!"

The video was up-voted more than 20,000 times on the dog-loving forum and many people with doofus pets had experienced similar situations.

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One person commented: "Man… My dog does this same s***.

"I actually put her on the leash, took her outside to the front door, and rang the doorbell from outside with the door wide open.

"I rang the bell, she ran inside, turned around, and started barking at the [open] door.

A second viewer wrote: "Look I know dogs are man's best friend. But we have to face it… some are as thick as pudding."

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Someone else with a funny tale shared: "Our bullmastiffs were thick as two short planks.

"One would periodically forget how to climb stairs, which was problematic when there's no way to get into our house that doesn't require a couple of steps."

They added: "The other one ate a towel whole. The first we noticed was when she started passing it."

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