Married babysitter had baby with boy, 13, after grooming him with fish & chips

A married babysitter had a baby with a schoolboy, 13, after growing him with fish and chips.

Leah Cordice faces a possible jail sentence after a jury convicted her of three counts of sexual activity with a child.

The presiding judge told the court after hearing the jury's verdict: "To be sexist about this, if she was a man, custody would be almost inevitable."

Cordice had claimed in her defence that she was raped by the boy when she was 17 years old but a jury rejected her claim.

They acquitted her of two other counts of sexual activity of a child which were alleged to have taken place when Cordice was aged 18 years.

Coridce, of Windsor, Berks., showed no emotion as the foreman of the jury of seven men and four women read out the unanimous verdicts.

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Judge Peter Clarke QC then told the jury: "I have got to consider a custodial sentence.

"To be sexist about this, if Leah was a young man of 17 years and the complainant was a 13-year-old girl, the sentence would be almost inevitable as far as custody is concerned.

"It is all very unfortunate for everyone, herself included, but I was struck, as I suspect you were, by her lack of self-awareness of what she was doing to the victim.

"It seems to me that one of the evils here is that, for the rest of his life, the victim will know that that baby girl is laying somewhere that he does not know about and that – I can say as a man – would be as scarring for a father as for a mother.

“That is a further matter I need to consider and the impact that it has had on him."

The court heard that the boy victim would attend court with his parents to see Cordice being sentenced next month and had prepared a victim impact statement.

Judge Clarke adjourned the case so that a probation report could be created about Cordice.

Tara McCarthy, who was defending Cordice, said: "This is a very sad situation all around and obviously, Your Honour, I will address you in terms of mitigation."

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Cordice, who appeared in court wearing a big camouflage jacket and a black top, was released on bail to await sentencing.

Judge Clarke told her: "I need to know more about you and your present circumstances. You should understand that I have to be considering an immediate custodial sentence."

Cordice had seduced the boy while he was playing computer games on the Xbox in his bedroom, where she had pulled down his trousers and asked for sex, the court had heard.

To keep the affair alive, Cordice had sent the boy complimentary text messages and bought him presents of fish and chips, the jury at Reading Crown Court was told.

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The victim and Cordice had had sex twice a month for a period of time but the jury decided the affair had stopped before Cordice turned 18 years.

Thanking the jury members, who had deliberated for just seven hours and 19 minutes, Judge Clarke said: "It is absolutely vital that we have jury trials and you demonstrated why.

"It was possible to be sure on the earlier counts but events later on became a little bit more muddled, did they not? That reflects your verdict.

"Thank you for all the time you have invested in the case. You leave with my thanks."

Sentencing is to take place at the same court next month.

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