Married couple killed by coronavirus after haircut trip infected family

A husband and wife who'd been married for 59 years tragically died of coronavirus days before Christmas

Mike and Carol Bruno, from Chicago in the US, passed away just 10 days apart this month.

On November 20, their daughter offered brother Joe a haircut after testing negative for coronavirus and quarantining for three or four days.

She brought their mum to his apartment and took several precautionary steps.

Joe told ABC7: “I did not hug my mom; I did not hug my sister. My sister cut my hair, she was masked and all the windows were open.

"We were distanced in my apartment and then they left. They were over for maybe 40-45 minutes.

“Later that evening, my sister started to feel symptoms and about three days later I started to feel symptoms.”

Mike passed away last Wednesday, December 23, while Carol died just over a week beforehand.

Joe added: "Had I made that sacrifice and, you know, didn't spend, you know, 30-40 minutes with my mom – they would still be here.”

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However, he is comforted by the fact that is dad didn’t know his wife had passed away.

Joe continued: "To know that they went within less than 10 days of one another is such a beautiful thing.

“And, you know, I would give anything to bring them back but I'm so happy that they are together again."

Back in September,a couple who had been married for over 48 years died within moments of each other after contracting the coronavirus.

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Johnny Lee Peoples, 67, and his wife, Cathy Darlene Peoples, 65, were holding hands in their last moments at the Novant Health Rowan Regional Medical Centre in Salisbury, North Carolina, the US.

They both contracted Covid-19 at roughly the same time in August.

Son Shane Peoples told WBTV: "It was mainly the fever and loss of taste.

"About two weeks later they were both put in the ICU. Everything just went south, everything just got worse."

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