‘Masks are officially the new Brexit – get ready for the toxic debate to begin’

Oh bloody hell – here we all go again. Masks are now officially the new Brexit, with hatred, division, and full-blown hissy fits on both sides.

Bozo’s announcement that the bits of cloth we’ve been wearing over our faces are now optional has kicked off a debate even more toxic than the endless EU arguments.

On one side, we have those who have instantly decided that if you ditch your face covering you’re a selfish, ignorant git who doesn’t give a damn about how many grannies you kill.

The only real shock is that not wearing a mask hasn’t yet made you racist too. That’s probably coming, though.

Meanwhile, those who continue to look like they’ve got a sanitary towel strapped to their mushes are virtuous, selfless, kind souls who always put others before themselves.

Unless, of course, they’re hurling abuse at a non-mask wearer. You know, £BeKind and all that.

Respecting each other’s freedom of choice and being polite and civil about anything these days has long gone out the window.

Even the scientists have lost the plot with actually analysing the situation. Some (the ones mostly given the airtime on telly) claim Freedom Day on July 19 is irresponsible and that wearing masks long-term is a good thing.

Take University College London Professor Susan Michie, who is a member of Sage. She maintains that the need for masks should stay "forever". But then again she is also a member of the Communist Party, who really have a thing for controlling the lives of us plebs.

On the other hand, Dr Mike Tildesley, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling that provides data to Sage, says that July 19 is "probably the right time" to consider ending the wearing of face masks.

He added: "If we are going to remove them, July 19 – when we are seeing really low numbers of hospital admissions and low numbers of deaths – is probably the right time to consider it."

It’s enough to make anyone’s head ­explode. Especially as all scientists do appear to agree that most of the fashion masks and bandanas ordinary folk have been wearing are about as useful as holding a tennis racquet in front of your face.

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And if the vaccines are working – Covid patients occupy just 1% of the hospital beds in England and there 34 other health problems more likely to kill you than coronavirus now – why should we wait any longer?

Does insisting on masks, therefore, make you an anti-vaxxer?

What do we wait for? All the vulnerable have been double-jabbed and more than 86% of adults have had at least one.

Yes, there are those who are immune-suppressed and those who can’t have the vaccine for genuine reasons, but forcing an entire country to live under a regime of fear and restrictions for a minority, while worthy, is insanity.

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Likewise, the scaremongers’ favourite line of: "We’re not safe until the world is safe." Eh? So we wait until the entire global population are double-vaccinated? Are they for real?

Just for once Bozo has got this one right. Even Cummings agrees. I wish the PM’s TV address had been less doom-laden but when you’ve got the Brothers Grimm, Whitty, and Valance, either side of you, it’s tricky to be a ray of sunshine.

I stopped wearing a face covering over a week ago now (on medical advice for a non-Covid chest infection) and already symptoms have eased. I wear my shiny new exemption badge on public transport and in shops and, thankfully, no one has been aggressive.

Wear a mask or don’t – the choice is yours. But respect those who make a different decision.

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