McDonald’s drive-thru diner handed £5k cash by accident when he ordered McMuffin

A man went to McDonald's for a quick bite and was stunned when he left with an extra bag of £4,050 cash.

Josiah Vargas was confused after he ordered a sausage McMuffin at the fast food outlet's drive-thru counter.

Speaking from inside his car, he said: "I went to McDonald's and they handed me my sausage McMuffin… and this bag.

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"Well, what's in this bag? It's a f***ing deposit. Why? Just a couple thousand dollars here. Like, what is this? Why would they even do this? What the f***?"

He took several Ziplock bags out – which were sorted in stacks of $1 and $20 – and realised it was totalled $5,000 (£4,050).

"And now I have to return it because I am a good person," he added.

Josiah drove back to the restaurant and before he got out of the car, he said: "Why would you do this to me? You know how bad I want this money? Why did you put me in this situation?"

He walked into the restaurant and headed to the counter, jokingly asked if the staff were "laundering money".

A female staff couldn't believe her eyes and sounded relieved when she said: "Oh my God, I just want to give you a hug."

When Josiah returned to his car, he explained: "They were just all hugging me and thanking me and crying, and I get free McDonald’s for a month, I guess.

"When I was driving away, they called me back and gave me $200. Do good, people. Return $5,000, get $200 and free McDonald's for a month.

"Good trade value."

The TikToker was praised for "doing the right thing" and viewers said his good deed "saved" the staff from potentially getting fired.

One commented: "Your smile when you got back in the car. You're an incredible human being."

A second wrote: "Nice! That $200 is worth all the good karma for helping those workers."

"I'm McLovin' you! You're a great person," another tagged McDonald's in the comment, asking the corporate to "reward him".


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