McDonald’s runs out of Chicken Legends as supply chain chaos hits chain

People are panicking after McDonald’s removed its popular Chicken Legend burgers from apps as a result of supply chain issues.

Indeed, McDonald’s Twitter account was flooded with hangry people, desperate to get a hold on the fried chicken, sandwiched between two delicious ciabatta bread pieces.

With demands for the fast food treat increasing, a spokesperson at McDonald’s said in a statement to the Daily Mail: “Like most retailers, we are currently experiencing some supply chain issues.

“This is impacting the availability of the Chicken Legend, so we have made the decision to remove this product from our delivery menu across the UK and Ireland in the short term.

“The product is still available to purchase in restaurants.

“We apologise for any inconvenience, and thank our customers for their continued patience.

“We are working hard to return the item to our delivery menu as soon as possible.”

Nevertheless, many Mc-lovers across the country were left in total despair, as a person wrote on Twitter: “Dear @McDonalds who's blimmin idea was it to take chicken legends off the menu? I'm stuck now cos I'm a fussy sod.”

Another user tweeted: “@McDonalds why has chicken legend come off Just Eat ?? Disgusting behaviour.”

A person also wrote: “Mcdonalds taking the chicken legend off delivery is my joker origin story.”

While a user expressed their own health concerns on social media: “@McDonaldsUK I’m very disappointed as I’m allergic to sesame seeds and chicken legend is all I ate.

“The legend burger made me still feel like I was enjoying the McDonalds experience.. now you’ve took it away and left me with utter stress. Thank you, but not thank you.”

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The alarming food supply situation follows an important lack of HGV drivers, as well as severe congestions at global trading ports.

According to the Daily Mail, industry leaders revealed today that they feared the issues could extend to the next six to nine months.

Moreover, experts have reportedly explained that these shortages were due to a combination of factors, including EU employees returning home after Brexit, as well as strict lockdown restrictions causing the cancellation of 40,000 HGV tests.

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