McGill University Health Centre developing new assessments to test for concussions in hockey

Researchers from the McGill University Health Centre have developed a safe, reliable in-skate balance test for hockey players to determine if they have a concussion.

MUHC has made the first attempt at developing a balancing test that could be used to determine if a hockey player has an concussion. The test consist of three steps which last about two minutes.

The stable stance requires a participant to stand with each skate side by side and separated by 4 cm, which is applicable to every stance.

Secondly, the toe-point stance requires a participant to be standing in a stable position and then pointing the toes of the dominant foot to the floor.

Lastly, the T-shaped stance requires the dominant skate to be positioned at the right angle and mid-position to the non-dominant skate, forming the letter T.

The idea behind this testing is that hockey players don’t have the luxury of being able to do stance testing without removing their equipment. This testing allows them to be assessed quickly and efficiently.

“We wanted to do something that would be faster for hockey athletes to assess their concussion balance,” said Dr. J. Scott Delaney, team physician.

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