Meghan ‘anxious to prove herself’ in podcast after Brits become ‘disaffected’

A royal expert suggests that Meghan Markle’s new podcast could be a “turning point” for the couple and that they could gain back some popularity.

Despite Prince Harry and Meghan signing an £18million deal with Spotify in December 2020, the couple have only produced one 35 minute podcast on the platform.

However, Meghan has released and announced she will be hosting a new podcast called Archetypes. Perhaps fondly named after their eldest child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the podcast is aimed to investigate “the labels that hold women back”.

The podcast was teased last month by Meghan, but is not due to be released until summer of this year.

Speaking to, Pauline MacLaran, Professor of Marketing & Consumer research at Royal Holloway University, said: "Certainly on the UK side people have become rather disaffected with them.

"There does seem to have been all this anticipation [for the podcast] and nothing produced yet, although Meghan's Archetypes series is supposed to be out soon.

"But I think they definitely need something out in a more concrete way, to sort of prove themselves in a way. That they can be successful.

"I can't really speak for the American mood on this, because I hear different things, because they seem to be more popular there.”

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The couple aren’t new to entertainment contracts. They signed a deal with Netflix worth a reported $150million (£121million), only to find out recently that the show Pearl had been axed.

She added: "If this Archetypes series comes out, this could pack a punch.”

The expert suggested that Meghan hosting the podcast alone is her attempting to “prove herself”.

"Meghan is an independent woman, so she would be anxious to prove herself on her own.”

She suggests that Harry’s involvement would look “silly”, something Meghan is “anxious” to do.

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