Meghan Markle’s dad claims he was ‘hero she loved’ before being ‘thrown out’

An emotional Thomas Markle said he was daughter Meghan's "hero" before being "thrown out" by her.

Thomas spoke out in a "world exclusive" interview alongside Meghan's half-siblings, which aired on 7News Australia today (Sunday, April 30), a week before King Charles III's Coronation.

The father, who claims he hasn't spoken to Meghan in over four years, says that he wishes they could "sit down and talk".

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Struggling to speak due to the devastating effects of a stroke, Thomas told his interviewer that he would give anything to talk to his daughter again.

"I wish we could sit down and talk," he said.

"I wish that we could work out our differences."

"She loved me, I’m her hero.

"And suddenly I was thrown out."

The long-running father-daughter feud was first seen in the media when Thomas collaborated with the paparazzi for some paid for snaps.

Staged photos of him being measured for a suit for his daughter's wedding were released, sparking a lawsuit and severing the father-daughter relationship.

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Meghan has also accused her father of leaking a private letter she wrote to him.

In the report Thomas admitted to regret for his part in the breakdown in relations with his daughter.

He told the interviewer that he only leaked part of a letter.

The special was reportedly Thomas' "deathbed plea" to mend the broken relationship with his daughter, whilst Meghan's half-siblings faithfully defended their father.

He said: "If she doesn’t turn up for a stroke, if that doesn’t move her, what would?"


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