Melania Trump backlash: First Lady brutally MOCKED on Twitter as fashion choice backfires

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Melania Trump was mocked on social media after users took aim at her lime green dress and compared it to a green screen. Many videos on Twitter involved replacing her dress with graphics such as coronavirus deaths or the weather.

British broadcaster Jeremy Vine tweeted a video with the FLOTUS’s dress covered in US coronavirus statistics.

He captioned the video: “Did this actually happen, because of a green dress?”

The New York Times tweeted: “Never wear lime green. That’s what photographers will say if you want to avoid getting photoshopped.”

One of the main graphics placed over Melania Trump’s dress was America’s coronavirus statistics. 

At the time of writing, America has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world.

The US has more than 6,000,000 COVID-19 cases in total.

The current official death toll in America stands at over 184,000 people.

Over 3,000,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus in the US. 

People on social media couldn’t stop talking about her green dress with some left divided over the choice of the bright number.

One person wrote: “Wait what is @FLOTUS wearing?? Lime green on RNC acceptance night?!”

Another said: “I don’t like to criticise women for how they look or what they wear. But what on earth was she thinking?”

A third wrote: “Oooh…@FLOTUS dress looking like a green screen!”

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While some were unsure of the outfit, other social media users suggested that her dress showed empowerment.

A Twitter user wrote: “I like how Melania’s outfits are unique. From army green to lime green she stands out in the crows and is true to herself.”

Another added: “Her outfits are so bold and powerful and definitely show women empowerment.”

A third said: “@FLOTUS you are truly the most beautiful First Lady we’ve ever had & you have such dignity and class.”

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