Melania Trump caught up in private email backlash after Trump SAVAGED Hilary Clinton

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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former senior advisor to the First Lady, made the shock claim in a series of interviews. Ms Wolkoff’s accusations come after she published a new tell-all called Melania and Me, which exposes more controversies about the First Lady. In 2016, Donald Trump savaged his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton over accusations she used private emails to discuss her duties as then-Secretary of State.

Mrs Trump, while not involved in formal policy decisions, is accused of discussing official White House business using private emails.

Ms Wolkoff confirmed to The Washington Post the First Lady used a variety of private communication to talk to her during her tenure as senior adviser.

The Post, who spoke to Ms Wolkoff, reported she used a private Trump Organization email account, a email account, iMessage and Signal throughout the first month of the advisor’s career.

The Post then added Mrs Trump’s messages contained “government hires and contracts”, as well as “detailed schedules for the president and first lady during the Israeli and Japanese state visits” among other logistical and financial matters.

Following the interview with The Post, Ms Wolkoff then told CNN the next day the email scandal compromises the White House’s integrity.

She said: “Melania was never working on policy, no excuses.

“But again, a very difficult road to go down with as far as what the White House was willing to open her avenue to participate.”

Ms Wolkoff also added the Trump family “do whatever they want”, and have no regard for White House protocol.

While Mrs Trump is not a federal employee and is not subject to the same laws as the President on private email usage, it follows Mr Trump’s repeated accusations against Mrs Clinton for the same issue.

During his campaign for President in 2016, Mr Trump repeatedly brought up Mrs Clinton’s private emails in rallies, following the FBI looking into leaked emails about her work as Secretary of State.

In October 2016, he hit out at the Democrat candidate, saying her “corruption is on a scale we have never seen before”.

He also called the email scandal “bigger than Watergate”, while supporters chanted “lock her up”.

The FBI found Mrs Clinton to be “extremely careless” in her email usage, but recommended no criminal charges.

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Mr Trump’s family have been found before to have used private emails during his time as President.

Ivanka Trump and an advisor to Mr Trump were found in 2018 to have sent hundreds of messages to US government officials using a private account.

The House oversight committee issued subpoenas for Ms Trump and husband Jared Kushner’s business-related personal emails and text messages last year over the scandal.

US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross has also been found to have used private email while in official capacity.

Ms Wolkoff’s claims come shortly after she published her book about Mrs Trump.

In the tell-all, the former advisor exposed Mrs Trump’s strained relationship with Ivanka.

She also said in an interview with MSNBC she recorded her conversations with Mrs Trump to back up her books claims.

Stephanie Grisham, White House Chief of Staff and spokeswoman for Mrs Trump, has dismissed the books claims.

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