Melania Trump EXPOSED for cruel nickname she gives to step daughter Ivanka Trump

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Melania Trump, 50, is said to have a tense relationship with Ivanka as a new author explained Donald Trump is often a referee between the two. According to an extract from ‘The Art of Her Deal: the Untold Story of Melania Trump’ by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan, Melania would call Ivanka ‘The Princess’. But the First Daughter also had a nickname for her stepmother which she shared with classmates.

Mary Jordan wrote: “Melania has been heard calling Ivanka ‘The Princess’ out of earshot.

“When she was younger, Ivanka privately called Melania ‘The Portrait,’ telling classmates that her father’s girlfriend spoke as much as a painting on the wall.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked: “Do they have as frosty of a relationship as has been reported?”

Ms Jordan told CNN: “Yes, by all accounts.

“I spoke to many people inside the White House and particularly at tense times there has been ‘Team Melania’ and ‘Team Ivanka’.

“There’s a lot of tension there.

“When Ivanka came to the White House she really loved it immediately, Melania was up in New York.

“Ivanka said all of a sudden, ‘I think we should rename the First Lady’s office to the First Family office’ and of course Melania put her foot down and said, ‘No way’.

“They’re both former models, they’re only 11 and a half years apart.

“Ivanka grew up wealthy, Melania very modestly and worked her way up the modelling world.

“They’re very different, they don’t really get along and Donald Trump is often the referee.”

Ms Jordan also revealed in the book that Melania expressed her fury at Donald after footage of an Access Hollywood interview was released during the 2016 election campaign.


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Melania warned Donald “could have blown” his campaign to become US President after a controversial video went viral.

Mr Trump’s “grab em by the p***y” comments sparked fear in Melania during the 2016 election.

Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s Chief of Staff said it was completely based on false information and sources.

She said: “Yet another book about Mrs Trump with false information and sources. This book belongs in the fiction genre.”

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