Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS attacked online after finally breaking silence on coronavirus

The First Lady was criticised recently when she gave a speech at the National Parent-Teacher Association conference but did not mention the virus, despite the closure of more than 600 schools across the US at the time. However, now Melania has finally decided to mention the virus that is currently sweeping the planet at an unprecedented speed.

Despite her husband, US President Donald Trump, tweeting updates regularly from Twitter Melania has stayed quiet.

Yesterday, she shared the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website as well as offering a positive message to her fans.

She said: “Our great country is fighting hard against the #Coronavirus.

“This nation is strong & ready & we will overcome.

“Please take action to prevent further spread. Visit for updated health info & updates.”

However, fans were quick to criticise Melania and her husband over COVID-19.

One user responded: “If you care at all about the well being of the people your husband serves.

“Then tell him we need more testing for the virus. Eight tests conducted by CDC in one day is not enough.

“We need accurate testing. Be your best and do what is right. Demand covid-19 tests be made available now.”

Kathleen said: “Your husband’s COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE is making this even more of a disaster. You aren’t helping.”

Another user called Kimmie said: “Y’all screwed this up, you were building tennis courts and playing golf when it should have been all hands on deck, this is on Trump, you and the administration.”

Pat said: “Trump fired the pandemic response team in 2018 and now the White House’s slow and uncoordinated response is tanking the economy. Infuriating.”

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One user asked: “Has your ‘husband’ been tested yet?”

Natalie said: “This is for whoever posts for you: WHY ARE WE NOT TESTING?

“This is ridiculous.Your hubby’s administration is doing a crappy job of getting a handle on this.”

Another replied: “Get testing widespread. That’s all. No need to say more. This response has been an epic disaster.”

Today, a travel ban was put in place which will halt all travel to and from 26 European countries to the US.

Trump made the announcement yesterday during a live broadcast.

Many social media users and critics of the President have called for Trump to be tested for the coronavirus after members of his inner circle tested positive.

Trump also met with a Brazilian official who has now tested positive for the deadly virus.

President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is awaiting his test results.

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