Met Office forecasts exact hour ‘extreme heatwave’ will end with thunderstorm

The Met Office has predicted the exact time Britain's 'extreme heatwave' will end but issues a brand new warning.

Hours after confirming last night (Monday, July 18) into Tuesday was the 'warmest on record' in the UK, the national weather service says bearable temperatures will return tomorrow (Wednesday, July 20).

To be precise, 1pm on Wednesday is when swathes of the country will not only cool down but get its first soaking in weeks.

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In true UK weather fashion, caution over the sweltering heat will be replaced by a Yellow thunderstorm warning for the south east of England.

According to the Met Office, the extreme heatwave — which is predicted to rocket all the way up to 43C in some parts today — will swiftly turn into flash floods and power cuts.

It comes after the record temperature in the UK since records began with 39.1C recorded in in Charlwood, Surrey today (Tuesday, July 19).

The Yellow warning in place from 1pm to 9pm on Wednesday, outlines the likelihood of flooding and lightning which could result in yet more travel chaos.

Commuters already cut off from work by scorching temperatures impacting rail and bus services, are expected to suffer further transport cancellations due to storms.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urged Brits to "apply common sense" when making travel plans explaining train tracks will feel like 70C.

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"Where those tracks are 40 degrees in the air, on the ground that could be 50, 60, 70 and more," Mr Shapps said. "So you get a severe danger of tracks buckling, what we can't have is trains running over those and a terrible derailing."

Network Rail tweeted: “Our hottest rail recorded yesterday was 62C, in Suffolk! Rail temperature can be about 20C higher than air temperature, causing it to expand, bend and break.”

Luton Airport was even forced to shut down for two hours after extreme heat "melted the runway" yesterday (Monday, July 18).

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The airport, a hub for low-cost flights, was closed temporarily when temperatures hit high of 35C in most areas in the UK.

A Met Office graphic shows thunderstorms will batter all counties between Somerset and Norfolk, including London and the East Midlands.

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Some good news is that as of yet there are no weather warnings issued for the rest of the week as temperatures hover around a hot yet more bearable 25C.

More immediately though, is a warning to say indoors on Tuesday to avoid the excruciating and dangerous heat, which could reach as high as 43C.

Anyone with ideas of cooling off in rivers and the sea however, might want to reconsider as a 70-year-old man has tragically brought the heatwave death toll up to 12 — largely drowning fatalities.


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