Met Office predicts snow to fall in days as arctic plunge sweeps across country

The Met Office has forecasted colder temperatures with the possibility of snow taking hold of the nation as we enter November.

The season of Autumn has been kind to the nation thus far, with temperatures being unusually warm, compared to previous years.

Weather indicating model WXCharts showed potential for snow to hit Scotland, while other forecasts suggest snowfall will also reach northern England.

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Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon talked about the weather the public could potentially face in the coming days and weeks as well as the possibility of snowfall.

He said: "The potential for some cooler weather increases from mid-November, with the coldest places most likely to be in the northwest.

"There will be an ongoing chance later in the month that any showers could fall as snow for a time in the north, with the high ground most likely to see the highest of any accumulations.

"There isn’t a signal beyond what we’d normally expect for this time of year in terms of snowfall."

Due to the forecast being more than 14 days away, it can be hard to predict the specifics, and forecasters refrain from doing so as confidence levels remain low.

The Met Office's forecast is 14 days away, however, which could result in changes in weather due to the difficulty to predicting weather.

The forecast beginning from the end of October to November 9 says: "Changeable and unsettled conditions are likely to continue on Monday with bands of showers and rain interspersed with clearer periods.

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"Further into the week, unsettled conditions likely to remain particularly in the north and west, bringing showers or longer periods of rain. The southeast is likely to remain dry and brighter throughout the period.

"Strong winds are expected at times across much of the UK, especially in the west and north with a risk of gales.

"Conditions remaining similar as we move further into November, with showers or longer spells of rain, heavy in places, likely across much of the UK."

Mr Dixon spoke on what weather conditions the nation could face in November.

He added: "There’s a chance of some snow through November for northwestern parts of the UK. This isn’t unusual for this time of year and the majority of any snow is most likely to fall over the Scottish mountains.


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